While many individual companies and organizations call Catalyst Campus home, it is the synergy and connectivity that exists among this community that is wholly unique to Catalyst Campus. Approval for partnership with Campus isn’t just about filling space, but about bringing together the right players that make up a sum greater than the parts.

"When we were establishing our presence in Colorado Springs, there was no question that Catalyst Campus was the place to be. The people, the programs, and the other tenants are all incredible resources, and being here on Campus puts us at the heart of the action."
Michael Kleppe
Galapogos Federal Systems
Meet Our Partners
CSE is a leading independent provider of DevSecOps and Systems Engineering services to the federal government and differentiated by operational excellence and a strong commitment to their customers’ mission success.

Galapagos is a Certified 8(a) Small Business Administration (SBA) providing clients with customized solutions across a diverse space and cyber mission sets.  With current contracts across the country Galapagos provides tailored support and can be sole sourced to offer rapid capabilities to customers.    

With its network of ground-based, phased array radars, LeoLabs produces high-resolution data on objects in low Earth orbit (LEO), providing space domain awareness for industries that rely on satellite services.