Platform One (P1) is a modern cloud-era platform

that provides valuable tooling, DevSecOp pipelines, and a secure Kubernetes platform to enable users to start solving software problems with a 90% solution day 1.

Why a Platform One Reseller?

By leveraging this fast track, applications can be approved to work on government systems faster than ever.  Partnering with a Reseller means rapid environment deployment and priority access to platform updates, new services, better security* continuous feedback, education and training, and container hardening.

Authorized Resellers are qualified service providers of Department of Defense Enterprise DevSecOps Technology Stack. Use of Platform One Big Bang environments and Iron Bank hardened containers enables more secure software operations, leading to continuous Authorization to Operate (cATO). 

*Platform One’s technologies have been pen tested by the NSA, the US Air Force and the US Navy.

Platform One uses unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge

Services and contract vehicles to facilitate teams’ adoption and move to DevSecOps. The list of services will continuously evolve.


Big Bang will help you build a custom software factory for your specific mission needs to enable faster development and deployment of your mission applications.

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  • Automates, secures, and accelerates the approval process of commercial and open source containers to be used within the DoD with DoD-wide reciprocity
  • Brings accredited software to the DoD using processes and procedures that are faster and more efficient than other methods
  • Provides continuous monitoring of approved images
  • Maintains continuously updated containers so that developers have access to the latest tools
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The Only Authorized Third-Party Manager

Connect with the resellers

Booz Allen

Booz Allen Hamilton, an innovator and pioneer in successful Platform One (P1) capability…

…implementations, brings credible experience in driving adoption of Agile DevSecOps, Software Factories and P1 products and services in support of mission critical programs. Our proven, high-performing teams of engineers, product managers and technical staff are currently delivering against a portfolio of P1 value streams, including but not limited to Big Bang and Iron Bank, providing a deep understanding and tangible evidence of how P1 drives the accelerated delivery of resilient, mission-critical software within Commercial, DOD, Civil and Intel agencies.


As Platfrom One Subject Matter Experts with experience in delivering Kubernetes-based…

…DevSecOps platforms, we know the journey to transitioning from an existing legacy software solution to a Cloud-Native/DevSecOps solution can be difficult. We succeed in technology disruption because we respect the importance of the value that legacy technology brings. We do this by approaching existing customer software development teams where they are at in their Cloud-Native journey; recognizing their current maturity in culture, process, and technology. Then, we evaluate the critical gaps, seeking a chain of “smallest change, biggest impact” tweaks that we can bring to them in phased approach.

BrainGu is a member of the Platform One Mission App Guild and the Platform One Technical Oversight Committee.


ECS, ASGN’s federal government segment, delivers advanced solutions in…

…cloud, cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence (AI), application and IT modernization, science, and engineering. The company solves critical, complex challenges for customers across the U.S. public sector, defense, intelligence, and commercial industries. ECS maintains partnerships with leading cloud, cybersecurity, and AI/ML providers and holds specialized certifications in their technologies. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, ECS has more than 3,500 employees throughout the United States.


Novetta, a part of Accenture Federal Services brings nearly a decade of mission-focused,…

…Agile-based DevSecOps experience to the most challenging National Security/DoD problems. Our SMEs are true experts in the field of cloud engineering, Big data, containerization and hardening to SAP (JSIG) and CAP (ICD) standards for deployment and operation on any sensitive networks and clouds, including AWS, Azure and Oracle — and can shepherd any client (government or commercial) during their PlatformOne journey.


RevaComm is a Hawaii-based, minority-owned, 8(a) SDB who has been instrumental not only in…

…building, maintaining, educating, and onboarding Platform One customers to Party Bus, but also plays a vital role in Platform One’s Big Bang Deployment for Party Bus. Their co-developed application was the first to receive a Certificate to Field (CtF) on Platform One, and has deployed custom as well as Iron Bank-approved applications to Big Bang deployed platforms. RevaComm also possesses a suite of products that support multi-functional product teams, all built using Platform One.

Seed Innovations

Seed Innovations, LLC (Seed) is a woman-owned small business specializing in…

…Platform One adoption. Seed has been involved in the development of Party Bus, Big Bang, and Container Hardening (Iron Bank) over the last two years. We have key members on each technical value stream and our depth of knowledge regarding Platform One, containerization, Kubernetes, and modernization are unparalleled. In addition to development of Platform One, we have helped many organizations adopt Platform One and DevSecOps including the Joint AI Center (JAIC), SAFCO (The Chief Data Office of the Air Force), and N2X (NORAD/NorthComm) for the ABMS Pathfinder, GIDEs 2 and 3, and standup of the Homeland Defense Ecosystem.

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