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In late 2018, Blue Horizons team from Air University approached CyberWorx for assistance with a business intelligence tool for the contracting/acquisitions and logistics communities. Contingency contracting officers (CCO) travel down range in the early stages of an operation to secure necessary supplies for a new location, entailing “door-to-door” engagements to identify and secure vendors. Some necessary supplies must be transported by ship or plane, which requires more planning and resources. The PIA recruited companies for a problem-solving effort to inform how industry approached business intelligence operations when considering a site or operation in a new foreign country. The methods, tools and information gathered by industry, along with our team’s discovery conducted with logisticians and acquisition professionals, informed the content and organization of the clickable prototype our team developed. The prototype was further developed by a small business in consultation with our UX’perts through Phase I, II, and III SBIR’s. This tool was deployed in February 2022 to support operations in Ukraine and has saved the DAF millions by giving CCOs advanced intelligence regarding the types of products, amounts, and procurement timelines for items in a given geography.

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