The Campus

Colorado Springs Campus

Catalyst Campus is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the heart of beautiful downtown Colorado Springs Colorado. The Historic Train Depot, a monument of the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe rail line, stands at the center of a sprawling Campus encompassing program areas, executive offices, research and development facilities, meeting spaces and more. Tenants and guest enjoy restaurants, bars, and boutique shopping – all within easy walking distance of the Campus.  Mouse over each building to learn more.


Historic Passenger Train Depot

The melting pot of industry, academia and the warfighter in a variety of offices, classrooms, conference rooms and colab spaces. (45,000 SF)

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The Executive Offices

A nice mix of non-profits and aerospace & defense industry. (35,000 SF)

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The “Triangle” Building

A blend of program offices, industry offices/classrooms and colab spaces. (24,000 SF) 

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Center City

Executive Offices with opportunity to expand into colab spaces. (37,000 SF)

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The Lab

Extensive R&D lab space.  Also has an auditorium that seats 210+. (27,000 SF)

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Future Expansion

This is an artist’s conception.  Hold on to our hats…the final product will be game changing.

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Deep History - Modern Mission

The Historic Train Depot that sits at the core of our Colorado Springs Campus marries tradition with innovative technology.

Built in 1906, the Depot is home to the beautiful Harvey House – a line of lunch counters along the stops of the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe rail line. Harvey Girls served up appetizing delights to the countless travelers who walked the halls of this stunning piece of history.

Today, the Historic Train Depot serves as home to a number of business tenants, public/private partnership programs, executive offices and several meeting spaces – available for private reservation.


The unique ecosystem of public/private partnering at Catalyst Campus has allowed for the creation and curation of many class-leading programs – from the Campus facilitated Catalyst to the Air Force Platform One Dev Ops, and the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy, just to name a few. Check out the many more programs that call Catalyst Campus home.


While many individual companies and organizations call Catalyst Campus home, it is the synergy and connectivity that exists among this community that is wholly unique to Catalyst Campus. Approval for tenancy on Campus isn’t just about filling space, but about bringing together the right players that make up a sum greater than the parts.

Meetings & Events

Catalyst Campus, our tenants, and programs all host a number of in-person and virtual events throughout the year. Additionally, the Campus has several meeting and event spaces available for third-party reservation. These range from small huddle rooms to the magnificent Harvey House – appropriate for anything from small meetings to elegant receptions!

Growing Our Presence

Campus Expansion

As public/private partnerships lead to a greater volume of programs, start-up businesses and R&D activities, Catalyst Campus will provide facilities and capabilities to scale with that need.

Catalyst Campus currently plans to expand our footprint through new construction offering additional executive office suites, research and development laboratories and residential offerings, in addition to an extension of the brand beyond Colorado.

Satellite Campus'

The Catalyst Campus brand already carries prestige nationwide. In the coming months, we’ll be expanding our physical footprint as well. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to keep abreast of our progress!

Virtual Campus

COVID-19 has forced all businesses and organizations to rethink the workplace. Although many of the organizations at Catalyst Campus have had to move to the virtual workplace, not one has broken their stride. Learn more about the precautions Catalyst Campus has taken during these unprecedented times. 

Catalyst in Motion

Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA)

SMC selected NSTXL as the new consortium manager for the next iteration of the SpEC OTA. Catalyst Campus is a key member of this ground breaking team. This award will broaden access for non-traditional industry vendors.

Catalyst Accelerator

The Catalyst Accelerator has been crushing it during COVID. Our team has conducted two cohorts (Data Fusion for Space Applications, Cyber for Space Applications) and a Tech Collision event. 2021 looks to be another amazing year…please visit our Accelerator section and website for sponsorship opportunities.

Catalyst Campus Expanding

Catalyst is expanding locally and nationally. Our expansions will serve the interagency and joint warfighter, commercial industry and academia alike, while investing in / helping other communities experience similar success of our Colorado Springs campus

The FORGE and Catalyst Team Up

Catalyst Campus is playing a key role in standing up The FORGE at the University of Maryland College Park. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to further enhancing the DevSecOps environment.

Catalyst Campus Welcomes our New CEO

Patrick Barrett took the helm at Catalyst Campus in November 2020. He brings a wealth of industry experience with a focus on innovation and partnerships.