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S | C | I Training Day (Space, Cyber, and ISR)

February 19 at 7:00 am
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The inaugural “S | C | I Training Day” presented by AMERICAN SYSTEMS, in partnership with the Colorado Springs Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (CCTI), will take place on Monday, February 19th, from 7AM – 6PM at the COS CCTI campus. Participation is free for attendees and will include access to 16 courses, networking, sponsors hall, and career mentoring.

Attendees will participate in technical training courses specifically tailored for the Space, Cyber, and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) industries, to include discussions on overlapping areas mutually affecting each of these three domain areas.  

Featured instructors and sponsoring companies will showcase their technical proficiencies, expertise, and knowledge in each of the three domain areas; to include, effective Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) capable of confronting challenges in these critical industries.

Participation includes a continental Networking Breakfast16 Training CoursesSponsors Hall Luncheon, afternoon Networking Break, and a Career Navigation Night.

Participants will earn Continuing Professional Education/Continuing Education Unit (CPE/CEU) credits sponsored by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), Colorado Springs Chapter (ISSA-COS).


  • Sign-in and Lite Breakfast, 0700 – 0745
  • AM Training Sessions, 0800 – 1100
  • Sponsor Hall and Lunch, 1100 – 1200
  • PM Training Sessions, 1200 – 1500
  • Career Navigation Night, 1500 – 1800



Instructor: Arthur Bornschein

Former DOD Cybersecurity Architecture Director, DOD CIO

Former DOD Deputy CIO for Special Programs

OUSD, Policy, Executive Order 13567, HQ N2/N6 Dept Head

Retired Marine Corps Artillery and Communications Officer

MS IT Systems Management, Naval Postgraduate School

BS, Applied Economics, Cornell University


Course Title: DODIN Cybersecurity Architecture (CSRA)

Course Description:

The DODIN Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (CSRA) is the enduring architecture for the DoD to secure, operate, and defend the DODIN; version 5.0 describes the shift from network-centric security in v4.0 to data-centric security, informed by the Zero Trust Reference Architecture (ZTRA).

The ZTRA is a modernization effort driven by Executive Order 14028 and National Security Memorandum 8 to drive the adoption of zero trust.  The CSRA is the DoD’s approach to cybersecurity to allow for Command and Control, Situational Awareness, DCO, and an increased cybersecurity posture throughout the DODIN.

Instructor: Terri Johnson Akse, MS, CEH

Cybersecurity Instructor, TSTI

Cybersecurity Instructor, UCCS

Affiliation: Teaching Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI)

Course Title: An Introduction to the Space Domain Cybersecurity (SpaDoCs) Framework

Course Description:

An Introduction to Space Domain Cybersecurity examines the practical issues of developing and sustaining a secure cyber environment through all phases of the space mission lifecycle.

The course is organized around the Space Domain Cybersecurity (SpaDoCs) Framework. The SpaDoCs Framework provides a comprehensive and systematic model for understanding and tackling all critical issues of cybersecurity in the space domain, and will be introduced during this short session.

Instructor: Daryl Roy

Co-founder and CEO, 3D Media

User Centered Design, Cornell University

Affiliation: 3D Media

Course Title: Applying User Centered Design to Solve Warfighter Problems

Course Description:

This course offers an exploration into the intersection of design thinking and military innovation. Participants delve into the principles of user-centered design, understanding its pivotal role in addressing the multifaceted challenges encountered by warfighters. Emphasizing a holistic approach, the lesson equips learners with practical methodologies to identify, analyze, and prioritize user needs within military contexts.

By fostering empathy and collaboration, attendees gain insight into crafting solutions that resonate deeply with the experiences and requirements of those on the front lines. Ultimately, this educational endeavor empowers participants to harness the power of human-centered design as a transformative tool in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of military operations.

Instructor: Mark L. Spencer

ISSA Distinguished Fellow

ISSA Honor Roll

President Emeritus, ISSA-COS

Affiliation: ISSA-COS

Course Title: Why Does Cybersecurity Require So Much Paperwork?

Course Description:

This presentation is applicable for all levels of experience in cybersecurity, including managers of cybersecurity teams. It attempts to explain the need for documentation, no matter the size or level of complexity of an organization.

Instructor: Dr. Marc K. Dippold

President & CEO, Peregrine Consulting, Inc.

Anders Chair of Economics, U.S. Air Force Academy

Falcon Foundation, Board of Trustees

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Robotics, MIT Executive Education Program


Course Title: Artificial Intelligence:  Beyond the Hype

Course Description:

AI hype has driven interest and investment in the field, but it comes with inevitable side effects – namely distortion and misunderstanding. Clients and firms sometimes label their requirements and offerings as AI to attract attention, funding, and talent, stretching the definition to include concepts only tangentially related to genuine AI. Sometimes they portray current AI as a futuristic entity with near-magical intelligence, leading to certain disillusionment. 

The AI landscape is a dynamic mashup of enthusiasm, innovation, spin, and very real challenges. Non-specialists should beware snake oil salesmen and overenthusiastic marketing teams, and take a more nuanced approach that distinguishes genuine AI from inflated claims. Understanding the spectrum of AI – from weak to super intelligence – empowers us to engage with AI’s future potential and current limitations more effectively.

Instructor: Dr. ‘Doc’ Klodnicki

President & CEO, Aereti, Inc.

National Defense Industrial Association, Board of Directors


Course Title: Delivering Cybersecurity and Space Integration to DoD

Course Description:

The Department of Defense is more reliant on the Defense Industry Base (DIB) for delivery of its space and cybersecurity needs. While requirements development usually originates with customers, the rapid pace of innovation and the change in DoD acquisition of cyber and space products and services demands a fresh approach and processes to meet the challenges in the new threat paradigm using a more collaborative method.

This course provides a business-approach investigation style of the unique integration challenges the DIB must address, using case studies to explore together new methods for requirements development and delivery of capabilities.

Instructor: Dennis Roark

Product Manager

Affiliation: Terra Ferma

Course Title: Wireless Fiberoptics

Course Description:

Explore a new wireless technology which melds the convenience of WiFi with the security and speed of Fiber Optic networks.  LiFi is currently providing secure and resilient “wireless fiber” networking in conference rooms, in aircraft hangars, on high-speed trains, and on satellites.

Instructor: Dr. Frank Gearhart

Senior Cybersecurity Architect, Kratos Defense

ISSA-COS Fellow, Honor Roll, and Past President

ISSA-COS Vice President (Current)

Affiliation: ISSA-COS

Course Title: Back to the Basics: Good Cyber Hygiene for Everyone

Course Description:

While attacks and adversaries are definitely becoming more sophisticated, the Pareto rule can be applied to your security. We’ll go over the basic items and mindsets that can significantly strengthen our cybersecurity before we apply more sophisticated defenses.

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S | C | I Training Day (Space, Cyber, and ISR)

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