The Other Airmen - Catalyst Campus

CyberWorx was tasked by the 16 AF/CC to evaluate whether low code or no code platforms could provide Airmen a tool to effectively build or code their own solutions. CyberWorx worked with a group of Airmen across the command with skills ranging from multi-lingual coders to airmen with no coding experience, who were then paired with industry partners. The PIA negotiated 120-day software licenses with 6 vendors and training and support for the Airmen coders. Airmen coders built customized solutions using the low code or no code platforms for uses of instructing, marketing research, scheduling and collaboration. The 16 AF/CC reviewed the 6 pitches from the Airmen coders during the Rocky Mountain Cyber Symposium in March 2021 and found the effort compelling. 16 AF purchased additional site licenses at the EoFY 2021 to expand the use of low code or no code used within the command.

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